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ParInkInking their Legacy: Parallel Ink by Paean Yeo

seasonsAn abstract concept pens a heartfelt letter to another.

photographsThis short piece is a tribute to photographs and how they not only help us recall some of our best memories, but also coax us to remember long-forgotten lessons. It is an attempt to describe the value of a fragment of our past, frozen in time…

All In! 2017 Feature

In May 2017, 22 young writers/lyricists were selected to be a part of the All In! Snack Fiction Anthology and All Out for All In! 2017, organised by our annual All In! Young Writer’s Festival. Each of them were given the opportunity to undergo a rigorous mentorship program under expert writers/musicians in order to take their stories/lyrics to the next level. We here at Symbal checked in with some of these writers/lyricists in order to find out more about the mentorship program, how they benefited from it, and of course, to know them better as writers. If you’re a young writer out there, hopefully reading through these interviews will inspire you to keep writing, and who knows?Maybe we’ll see you at All In! next year. We definitely recommend it if you’re seeking to get more writing experience and wish to gain more exposure in the industry. So what are you waiting for?

The anthology and  songs will be launched simultaneously at All In! x Confessions happening at SCAPE on the 22nd of July so mark your calendars if you’d like to meet these young talents and what they’ve created. You can find out more about the event right here.

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