Athena Tan Jiaxin

16; Athena likes to explore different mediums of writing to test out the way words work and bring stuff to life; likewise, she also likes to explore different flavours of chips and would like to conclude that spicy tortilla chips are the best. A debater, Founder of Carpe Bloom and Editor-In-Chief of the Carpe Bloom publication and blessed reader of the many glorious works out there; she likes to use her passion towards working with new people under lots of creative projects.

About the All In! Snack Fiction Anthology Mentorship

I entered three songs and one fiction work in this competition and am really grateful that all four pieces were selected. My lyrics were centered around the perspectives of people who were going through tough times, but eventually find the strength to get through the personal hurdle of a ruined friendship or the stresses of being an unconventional hero.

Be it meet-ups or email exchanges, I learnt quite a bit about the technical side of lyric writing and the process in which artistes may turn their experiences or ideas into a song that has staccato!! (Shout-out to Bani Haykal, who provided me with a treasure trove of spoken word videos!) Besides having amazing new songs to add to my playlist, Falling Feathers (JJ Ong) took Fion, a fellow mentee, and I through how essential certain parts of songs were in terms of creating melodies that are refreshing to the listener. The duo behind Ciao Turtle enlightened me on utilizing rhymes and how various bodies of work connect with different audiences.

I’m also really grateful to Joelyn Alexandra for working with me through my fiction piece, Acceptance, or something like that, and I’d like to say that her guidance was nothing short of wonderful (or something like that)!

It was an unforgettable experience that was extremely welcome! I’d highly recommend testing the limits of creative/lyric-writing—put your all in! for this next year!

About Myself

Writing, in all its forms, something that I hope to be working on throughout my lifetime. Words are standalone pieces that could release a single note by themselves, but string them together with the right sense, and they’ll be singing in the right pitch. I feel that writing is so much more than it lets on. The writer is made to visualize so much and bring it together on a page with a lot of inner creativity. While we let our creativity run, there’s also a technical side of writing that keeps the writer in check. I got into writing when I was younger; I’m still into writing but keener to explore the technical side of it.

International music piqued my interest in lyric-writing. I would listen to BTS (a KPOP group) and wonder what their lyrics meant, so I’d search up the English translations. I liked how they brought forth a lot of relatable and metaphorical concepts through their songs. I also got into Kodaline and Logic and loved how concise their thought-provoking phrases were.

In 2015-2016, I was in MOE’s Creative Arts Programme. Throughout the mentorship, I interacted with people who loved writing, poetry, acting. We were from different schools, age-groups and backgrounds, but one thing that brought us together was writing. As such, I started Carpe Bloom1 this year. #SEIZETHEYOUTH – we started with the purpose of making the most of our passions and spurring others to explore creative expression. Submissions for our third issue are open!

For all the young aspiring writers out there:

Make use of every minute in your day to meet the milestones you’ve set for yourself. There’s no limit to the number of type of things you aspire to achieve, and ensure that you commit to achieving goals that you will enjoy working towards!